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The ChiroSlumber Memory Foam
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Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in physical and mental health and well-being. It is our mission to combine a safe, clean sleep surface with an emphasis on coolness and comfort for the ultimate luxury sleep experience.

Doctor-Designed for a Peaceful Slumber

Our mattresses, adjustable bed bases, and pillows will give you the cool comfort and support you need for a perfect night’s sleep. Designed by chiropractors, our products help ease spinal and muscle pain, reduce snoring, and give you an ultra-comfortable rest environment.


Slide Dr. Jeff Jenssen New York City For years I have recommended conventional coil mattresses to my patients and have always been skeptical of memory foam. . .Read More Slide Dennis McGinnis Director of Adrian Stefan.Inc Thanks for helping me with my episode last week when I experienced sciatica pain in my right leg during the night. . . Read More Slide Janice Kelly D. C. Good morning!, I met you @ a seminar in New York City and purchased a pillow. I want to let you know I LOVE IT! . . .Read More

Benefit of ChiroSlumber Mattress

ChiroSlumber Mattresses use advanced technology to provide optimum support and temperature control for a perfect sleep environment and improved health.

We've built our mattresses based on decades of chiropractic research that proves that memory foam, gel-cooling, and an open-cell foam core provide superior comfort and spinal support.
Two independent agencies have certified ChiroSlumber Mattress as skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and containing no harmful chemicals.
We use the most advanced memory foam technology to relieve pressure points, assist in spinal alignment, and ease back and joint pain.
A team of chiropractors has designed our mattresses and approved them to support chiropractic treatments.
ChiroSlumber mattresses use gel-cooling technology to regulate temperature, diffuse moisture, and assist in airflow to give you a comfortable night's sleep.
Unlike many competitors that manufacture their mattresses in China using chemicals banned in the United States, we make the ChiroSlumber Mattress in the United States

ChiroSlumber Beats the Leading
National Brand

Lab results show that ChiroSlumber mattresses are up to 30% more comfortable than leading mattresses. ChiroSlumber’s outstanding pressure relief outperforms the competition in pressure tests. Lower average and peak pressure numbers mean greater comfort and support.


Independent research shows that our mattress has an average pressure of 12 with a peak pressure of 58.

Leading National Brand

While the leading mattress brand in the US has an average pressure of 15.

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