PROformance Edge® Series


Designed for athletes, the PROformance Edge® is our most technologically advanced mattress. Utilizing Certified Space Technology based on textiles found in astronauts space suits, PROformance Edge® provides the ultimate in climate controlled sleep, which aids in longer periods of deep sleep and faster recovery.

A designated Olympic Training Site conducted a 2 month study with several world class athletes and found that PROformance Edge® increased deep sleep up to 35-40 minutes per night. Deeper sleep=faster recovery!

As we like to say, “Your best performance occurs at night.”

HGH is produced in your body during periods of deep sleep. If you’re not getting adequate deep sleep your body can’t replenish itself from daily physical activity. Athletes tend to focus on nutrition, the physical game, and mental game but PROformance Outlast® is the missing link when it comes to athletes and performance – SLEEP!

You don’t have to be an athlete to own a PROformance Edge®, just dream like one!

This mattress is composed of a 2” Edge® cover on top of a 3” gel-infused memory foam on an 8” high resiliency foam core for a total of approximately 13”.

Made in the U.S.A., our foam is certified to be skin friendly by Hohenstein Labs. As a leader in eco-friendly production, our foam contains a high quantity of soybean oil to reduce the need for petroleum in our manufacturing process. We utilize only environmentally friendly products, free of harmful chemicals and odors which may be present in imported materials. All of our mattresses come with a 99 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee and a 20 Year Warranty.

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  • PROformance Edge® utilizes textiles found in Astronauts space suits.
  • The only material to carry the Certified Space Technology approval for textiles.
  • Reacts to each sleeper by creating a microclimate between the sleeper and the cover for temperature regulation.
  • Material absorbs excess heat and releases to the body as needed.
  • By balancing temperature, this cover eliminates moisture before it begins.
  • Moisture reduction, not wicking.


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