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Independent studies show the number one complaint with memory foam mattresses is heat. We solved this issue with the use of Phase Change Beaded GEL memory foam and EnergexTM technology.

The top layer (comfort layer) contains a unique ThermaPhase GelTM technology incorporates the thermoregulation of phase change material into open-cell viscoelastic gel-foam technology, providing improved temperature regulation. Studies have demonstrated that the optimal skin temperature of a person that provides most comfortable and restful sleep is 87o to 90oF (30-32oC). This temperature is maintained through the infinitely reversible phase change of the ThermaPhase material, as it can absorb or liberate heat when it is in contact with a body having a surface temperature higher or lower than the target temperature.

The second layer (transitional layer) features EnergexTM Visco which provides excellent pressure mapping results because of its inherently high Pressure Relieving Index.  It is ideally suited in bedding as a transition layer between the surface comprised of memory foam and the base support layers, creating a pressure gradient and providing ideal interface support for unparalleled pressure relief and pressure mapping in sleep systems.

This mattress is composed of a 2″ Phase Change Beaded GEL memory foam, 1.5″ of EnergexTM Visco and 6.5″ high quality open cell foam support core for a total of approximately 10″

Made in the U.S.A., our foam is certified to be skin friendly by Hohenstein Labs. As a leader in eco-friendly production, our foam contains a high quantity of soybean oil to reduce the need for petroleum in our manufacturing process. We utilize only environmentally friendly products, free of harmful chemicals and odors which may be present in imported materials. All of our mattresses come with a 99 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee and a 20 Year Warranty.
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The  Vitality Mattress:
Our Vitality mattress uses a thin, breathable cover designed specifically for memory foam.

This mattress is medium firm.

  • provides superior support
  • relieves pain
  • absorbs motion
  • relieves pressure
  • eliminates roll togethers
  • flip free
  • cradles the body
  • cushion for relaxation


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