For years I have recommended conventional coil mattresses to my patients and have always been skeptical of memory foam. Was I wrong!! I tried one of your mattresses at a continuing education seminar and I was sold! I subsequently purchased a king size and I couldn’t love it more. It has amazing support and unbelievable comfort. Guess who’s mattresses I am recommending now? ChiroSlumber!

Dr. Jeff Jenssen, New York City

We received our ChiroSlumber bed and side sleeper pillow this July. It was the best purchase we have ever made. Our previous bed (pillow top) was so uncomfortable we had put an extra memory foam topper on it just to make it bearable. Since we have had our bed, I have reduced the number of times I have to attend the chiropractor, and I have taken significantly less pain/sleeping medications (I have bulging discs in my lower back). We have both had more restful, and pain free nights. I also purchased the side sleeper pillow to help with my neck pain. I LOVE that pillow! When going to sleep I usually would have to start off on my back, and then when I was almost asleep I would turn onto my side. Before ChiroSlumber, if I tried to fall asleep on my side my hip and lower back would hurt too badly for me to fall asleep. The products came well packaged and were very easy to assemble. Also, when I called customer service I immediately talked to a real person (Ron) and he was very professional and eager to assist me. Overall the experience, people, and products have exceeded our expectations!

Ali H. (Lubbock, TX)

We LOVE it!

My husband and myself had years of back issues. He has the bulging discs and I have the herniated discs problems. We have been going to Chiropractors for 30 years and we have never found a mattress that addresses our back issues like the ChiroSlumber POLAR Series that we purchased. We have tried the foam mattresses and have slept on them for years but found them all to be too hot! NOT ChiroSlumber! The ChiroSlumber has the mattress conforming to your back without
the added heat!
We LOVE it!

I now wake up each morning feeling refreshed

Throughout my life I have struggled to consistently get a proper night’s sleep. I’ve always been very fidgety in bed, and have often had trouble getting comfortable and falling asleep at a reasonable hour. My new Spinetech mattress has completely changed all that. After setting up my new bed, the first thing I noticed was that the Spinetech mattress is extremely comfortable. Most importantly though, since I started using the Spinetech Mattress, I’ve been able to easily find comfortable positions, and have been falling asleep much quicker. Where I used to wake up feeling tired and achy, I now wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to begin my day.
Michael H.

I had no further sciatica during the night

Back Pain Relief and Wellness Institute
Dr. William Walsh
Chiroslumber Purchase Experience

Thanks for helping me with my episode last week when I experienced sciatica pain in my right leg during the night. The pain was so bad I felt like removing my leg. Most of the pain came when I attempted to sleep on my right side. The pain shot down my leg from my buttock to my foot. When I came in, the first thing you said was “how old is your bed?” which turned out to be 12 years old. Then after some therapy and adjustments you introduced the Chiroslumber Spinetech bed materials to me with a personal recommendation to look into the products and make a decision on a new bed. I studied the website and called to discuss the product with the company. I was lucky enough to find the brother of the owner, Ron, who answered all my remaining questions. He recommended the Chiroslumber King Polar bed with the help of a side sleeping pillow and a waterproof outlast cover to protect the mattress. I ordered and received the products in 3 days via Federal Express. My daughter and future son in law helped me to assemble the wooden frame and mattress.
To my amazement the following morning, I had no further sciatica during the night regardless of what side I slept on and it felt great. I even found over the next few days I required less sleep each night and found a few hours each morning to enjoy reading or television. Even though I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis a couple of years ago I believe the bed will help me as time goes on with whatever back pain I experience. My thanks again for your help and thank Ron from Chiroslumber

Dennis McGinnis
Brick New Jersey

I agree!

My husband and I purchased the Chiroslumber recently. We were sleeping on a popular brandname mattress for five years but were not sleeping soundly and both were experiencing hip and shoulder pains in the morning. Since we’ve been sleeping on the Chiroslumber, we have noticed a major reduction in back and neck pain and we are both sleeping better than ever. We don’t wake up with shoulder and hip pain anymore. This week my husband commented that he was sleeping better than he had in the past five years.
We’re very pleased and can attest that this mattress was a wise investment for our health.

My new ChiroSlumber mattress was delivered yesterday and I slept on it last night. For the first time in YEARS, I didn’t wake up with pain in my neck, shoulders and low back. I’m so glad to be putting my old mattress out to pasture.

We got a full refund…no hassle just great customer service

Unfortunately the mattress was not a good fit for us…but Chiroslumber was an amazing company to work with. They did everything in their power to get us the best fit…and when nothing could be done they were true to there word.
J. & N. Winward

On vacation – I MISS my mattress!

We are still on vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and, YES, I MISS my mattress!
My wife and I started mattress shopping about 3 months ago. After 14 years on a very expensive pillow-top, we finally overcame the denial and realized we had to spend the money for a new mattress.

I am a professional airline pilot and suffer from ‘on again, off again’ chronic low back pain. It had gotten to the point with our old mattress that I would get out of bed EVERY morning with a stiff lower back, but I just kept saying I didn’t want to spend the money on a new one.

While out shopping, we gravitated to the top of the line TEMPUR-PEDIC. Now, don’t get me wrong, it seemed to be a great mattress, but at $5,500.00, they are VERY proud of it. My wife really wanted to get it, but we had just remodeled our kitchen, so I told her we would have to wait.

A few weeks later, I was at a chiropractic appointment and my doctor gave me a Chiro Slumber brochure. I went on their website and read every last thing there was to read. I also searched the internet for any reviews.

I have to admit, the thought of buying a mattress sight unseen was a little daunting. But, we dove in head first and our mattress arrived the week before Christmas. However, while unwrapping it from the box, I discovered we had received a California King instead of a standard King.

I called Ron the next day and he checked their records and yes, I had ordered the wrong size. He did not hesitate and told me to put it back in the box and they would have it picked up and shipped back to them at no charge.

Our new mattress arrived about 10 days later (delay due to holidays). It was nothing short of amazing!
After the first night, we both woke up incredibly well rested compared to our old mattress. By the third day, my back pain was GONE and has not returned!!

Their product, customer service and great attitudes are nothing short of SPECTACULAR!! We are customers for LIFE!
Thanks again Ron. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Your body feels “weightless”

I have had my chiroslumber mattress for about 6 weeks and just have to tell someone how wonderful it is. I was a bit skeptical when I ordered it and it arrived within a few days in a package that was quite small and compact. After opening the mattress and watching it expand into a full thickness we put it on our bed. Trust me, we kept the old mattress in the dining room…”just in case”. The first night felt like I had slept on a cloud; after the second night we put the old mattress out for garbage pick up. My husband likes a firm mattress; I like a cushy, pillow-soft mattress. We both love this product. I have had difficulty sleeping for years; tossing and turning throughout the night…not any more! Sometimes I go so long without moving that my arms fall asleep under my pillow. I don’t know how to explain the feel other than by saying that your body feels “weightless”. I wake up ready to start the day without an achy bone in my body; and, I am so rested that it takes no effort to get out of bed. I will never purchase another brand of mattress!
Sincerely, Cathy Rosenberg

Best purchase I have ever made

“If someone were to walk up to me and offer me $5,000, no make it $10,000 for my mattress right now, I would
turn them down! This has been the best purchase I have ever made in my life!”
J. Wilson, Broker/Developer

First night felt like we slept on a cloud

“I have had my ChiroSlumber mattress for 6 weeks and I just have to tell someone how wonderful it is! I was a bit skeptical when I ordered it. It arrived in a box that was very small and compact. After opening the package and watching it expand into a full mattress within minutes, we put in on our bed. Trust me… we kept the old mattress “just in case.”. The first night felt like we slept on a cloud, after night two we took our old mattress to the curb. My husband
likes a firm mattress, I like a cushy pillow soft mattress. We both LOVE this product. I have had difficulty sleeping for years, tossing and turning all night long. Not any more!! I wake up ready to start the dayt without an achy bone in my body. I will NEVER purchase another brand again!”
Cathy Rosenberg

I want to be your spokesperson!

“Good morning!, I met you @ a seminar in New York City and purchased a pillow. I want to let you know I LOVE IT!
I have never purchased a pillow that I have been able to use immediately and be comfortable in 17 years. I want to be your spokesperson! I am totally sold on your product and recommend it daily to my patients.”
Janice Kelly, D.C.

Official mattress for all of our BrainCore offices

“ChiroSlumber is the official mattress for all of our BrainCore offices throughout the United States.”
Dr. Guy Annunziata, Chiropractor, Teacher, Lecturer & Founder of BrainCore.

All Chiropractors should recommend the ChiroSlumber

“I feel that all Chiropractors should recommend the ChiroSlumber sleep system to all their patients!”
Dr. Annunziata

Best investment I’ve ever made

“I decided to invest in a ChiroSlumber system. If this was not the best investment I’ve ever made, it’s absolutely one of them!”
Tyler Minton ,Trainer/Professional MMA Fighter/Owner – The Colosseum

Can’t wait to climb into my ChiroSlumber bed!

“Uncomfortable hotel beds, cars, plane seats….Can’t wait to climb into my ChiroSlumber bed!”
T. Wright/ Videographer

I’ve had my mattess 9 years

“I’ve had my mattess 9 years and I am sleeping as well now as I did the first night.”
R. Ballard, D.C.

I absolutely love it

“I have owned my chiroslumber mattress for about 2 years and I absolutely love it. I used to have trouble sleeping and more importantly just falling asleep. With this mattress I sleep throughout the night with no problems. I also bought a mattress for my parents. My Dad suffered from headaches and back pain and ever since he’s had this mattress, his pain has been eliminated. I would recommend this to anyone, I am also getting ready to buy a second one for myself.”
Jeremy Livesay