To Nap or Not to Nap…..

By Dr. Richard Kind

Should I take that mid afternoon siesta? It really depends on your sleeping habits. If you have trouble sleeping at night, then I would not recommend a nap, it could further exacerbate your insomnia. However, if you need a quick way to “catch up”, from a little lost sleep, a quick nap is a good solution.

More reasons to nap

  • Reduced stress. In countries where siestas are the norm, populations tend to be more relaxed.
  • Regular 30 minute naps, reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Naps improve congnative ability, improving attention and critical thinking.
  • Taking a mid afternoon nap, has been proven to do more for you than adding 20 minutes to your nightly sleep time.
    Famous Nappers
  • Albert Einstein felt that daily naps refreshed the mind and made him more creative
  • Thomas Edison napped instead of sleeping at night. He thought that sleeping was a waste of time, but he napped frequently for long periods.
  • Salvador Dali napped in his chair while holding a spoon over a metal pan in the floor. When he hit REM sleep, the spoon would fall from his hand, hit the pan and awaken him. He would immediately write down his creative thoughts that occur during this time.

Is napping right for you? In today’s hectic pace, I think that the answer is yes. Next time, we will discuss the subject of “how long should I nap”.